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2014 World Cup Day Twelve Open Thread

We start to reach the business end of the group stages.

England, doing what they do best at international tournaments
England, doing what they do best at international tournaments
Richard Heathcote

Here we are, starting the last round of group games.  This is where technology becomes your friend - games in the same group now kick off at the same time, in order to avoid any score or game manipulation fun and games.  So, have your TV and your laptop, or your laptop and your mobile, up and running so you won't miss nothin'.

9AM PT/Noon ET, Group B:
Australia vs Spain
Holland vs Chile

The qualifiers from this group are set, but face each other to determine who goes through as the top finisher and who goes through as #2.  Given that the second place finisher might have to face Brazil, both Holland and Chile will want to win this game and the group.

1PM PT/4PM PT, Group A:
Cameroon vs Brazil
Croatia vs Mexico

This group is still pretty open, with only Cameroon definitely eliminated.  Brazil have a slight edge in the race to top the group over Mexico thanks to a superior goal difference, so if both Brazil and Mexico win, Brazil should advance as group winner unless Mexico absolutely destroy Croatia. A Croatia win, though, sees them go through.

In the US, these games are on ESPN and ESPN2, and are also available on WatchESPN online.