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World Cup Day Eleven Notes and Open Thread

It's Day 11 of the World Cup, as Group G and H round out their second round of fixtures.

uh oh
uh oh
Clive Rose

Good day, World Cup fans. It's Day 11! Group G and H rounding things out! Here we go!

The Matches

Belgium vs. Russia - 12 PM EDT, 5 PM UK

South Korea vs. Algeria - 3 PM EDT, 8 PM UK

USA vs. Portugal - 6 PM EDT, 11 PM UK

Hey, are there any cool Arsenal players involved today?

There certainly might be! Thomas Vermaelen could play for Belgium, but he didn't in the first game. Then again, Jan Vertonghen didn't have a good time, so maybe Vermaelen comes in. Unless he's a little injured (see picture). Other than that--not really!

Are there any other names from Arsenal's past I might know?

Something about a park. No idea.

What about possible transfer targets or rival players?

Unless we're about to buy Romelu Lukaku, then not really. Pretty quite on an Arsenal front.

What has SB Nation posted today?

Kirsten wrote about the death of Bosnia's fairy-tale run, and Graham rounded up all the action.

How do I watch these games?

The first two are on ABC; USA Portugal is on ESPN. You can find other listings at LiveSoccerTV.