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2014 World Cup Day Seven Open Thread

Everyone's on their second game, now. Let the separation begin!

Laurence Griffiths

We're into Round Two of games for countries now - things are about to get real, real fast.

Who's Playing Today?

Group B: Australia vs Netherlands - 9 AM PT/Noon ET
Group B: Spain vs Chile - Noon PT/3PM ET
Group A: Cameroon vs Croatia, 3PM PT/6PM ET

What's At Stake Today?

If the Dutch win, they're the first team through to the next round.  The Spanish need a win to avoid going home early; one point from the Chilean game wouldn't be the end of the world for Spain, but it would be pretty close to it.

In Group A, this is truly the Battle Of The Pointless: two teams that aren't expected to advance try to earn their first point of the tournament.  At the end of the march, both squads will get nice participation ribbons and be invited to a pizza party at whatever the Brazilian equivalent of Chuck E Cheese is.  Fun!

Anybody Else Wanna Weigh In?


Where Can I Watch All This?  Will They Show The Pizza Party?

In the US, all three games today are on ESPN. All matches are on ITV Player in the UK and CBC Sports in Canada. You can find other listings at LiveSoccerTV.  Sorry, no pizza party coverage that I can find.