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2014 World Cup Day Four Open Thread


Hey look I found a penny
Hey look I found a penny
Claudio Villa

After a football-laden Saturday, there's 25% less games today. FIFA are obviously slacking.

So, This Thing Is Still Going?  Who's Playing Today?

Group E: Switzerland vs Ecuador, 9 PT/Noon ET.  Otherwise known as "one for the completists", like buying every Guided By Voices record even though more than one of them is...less than memorable.

Group E: France vs. Honduras, Noon PT/3PM ET. It's four days in and the French haven't mutinied publicly or fallen apart yet, so all in all it's been a good tournament for them so far!

Group F, Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3PM PT/6PM ET. Also known as "The game most American non-soccer fans will watch at least a bit of, because that Messi dude is playing and they heard he was the best in the world".

And The Arsenal Angle Today Is...?

The Swiss defense is full of ex-Gunners! Phillipe Senderos is back there, alongside Johan Djourou.  So, not "full", I guess, but they have more ex-Gunners than, say, your rec team does.  Boringly, no Arsenal players or alumni play for Ecuador.

Ah, France.  You feature several current and ex-Arsenal players; The dreaminess of Olivier Giroud, the solidity of Laurent Koscielny, and as far as ex-players go, the abs of Bacary Sagna.  Honduras is Arsenal-free.

The Argentina/BnH game has no Arsenal-related interest whatsoever, so it is of course the least important of the three.

If Arsenal Were To Go Shopping Today, What Would They Be Shopping For?

A Paul Pogba here, a Loic Remy there, you know.  The usual.

I'm Done Listening To You!  What Do Other People Say?

Switzerland vs Ecuador Preview!

Argentina vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Preview!

France Think They're Being Spied On!

Is Any Of This On TV Anywhere?

You're in luck! In the US, Switzerland/Ecuador and France/Honduras are on ABC, and Argentina/Bosnia and Herzegovina is on ESPN.  All matches are on ITV Player in the UK and CBC Sports in Canada. You can find other listings at LiveSoccerTV.