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Arsenal Beats Liverpool and Possible Future Arsenal in World Cup Match

Joel Campbell had a goal and assist on the day as the Ticos beat heavily-favored Uruguay 3-1. JOEL CAMPBELL, Y'ALL.

Michael Steele

Arsenal forward Joel Campbell was on loan to Greek squad Olympiakos last year while helping nudge his Costa Rican countrymen into a World Cup spot, only for his national team to draw a murderer's row of Uruguay, England, and Italy in Group D (aka The Other Group of Death). But after today, maybe Arsenal would like to bring Campbell back, and maybe everyone would like to re-evaluate Costa Rica's chances.

In the first half , only a converted penalty by rumored Arsenal target Edinson Cavani separated Uruguay from Costa Rica. But starting in the 54th minute, with an immaculate strike, Costa Rica put themselves into the 2014 World Cup narrative, taking the lead on a set piece three minutes later, and then sealing the outcome with mere minutes left, when Campbell led a hard-charging Marco Urena with an Özil-pretty throughball for the final goal.

Though Arsenal's mortal enemy Luis Suarez was listed as a sub for Uruguay, and briefly made an appearance on the sideline, Mr. £40,000,001 did not make it into the game, still recovering from recent knee surgery.

As a sweet end-of-game bonus, Campbell also raised the ire of Maxi Pereira with his play-it-to-the-corner late-game timewasting, and drew a red card that will keep the Uruguayan out of their match with England on Thursday.

High-five, Mr. Campbell, and well done, Ticos. We knew you could do it. (We totally didn't know you could do it.)