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2014 World Cup: Daily notes and open thread for June 13

Day 2 of the World Cup features three pretty dope matches. Here's where to talk about them!

David Ramos

Good day, World Cup fans. After a pretty controversial first day, the second day of the World Cup features some pretty amazing matches into which you may sink your teeth. Here we go!

The Matches

Mexico vs. Cameroon [12 PM EDT, 5 PM UK] - Both of these teams basically need a win here if they want to emerge from Group A, so this match should be buck.

Spain vs. Netherlands [3 PM EDT, 8 PM UK] - Remember the 2010 Final? Nigel De Jong probably won't be jump-kicking Xabi Alonso in the chest Double-Dragon style in this year's version, but hey! This match is bound to be more open than that cagey final was--almost anything would be. Two great teams, lots of superstars, the cup-holders, yep. This oughta be good.

Chile vs. Australia [6 PM EDT, 11 PM UK] - This match basically boils down to Arturo Vidal of Juventus bossing an entire continent on his own, that is, assuming he can play.

Hey, are there any cool Arsenal players involved today?

Why, yes! Santi Cazorla, everyone's favorite Spanish Wizard, plays for Spain! That's neat! Will he start? Maybe not! But hey, he can come on as a sub and turn the world on with his smile!

Are there any other names from Arsenal's past I might know?

Yes. Cesc Fabregas, Robin van Persie, and Alex Song all might feature for their nations in today's action. In order, that should be sad/hate, really pure hate, and mirthful feelings.

What about possible transfer targets or rival players?

See above for rival players, along with Juan Mata, David Silva, Fernando Torres, and Cesar Azpilicueta, who all play for EPL rival teams.

As for transfer targets, Carlos Vela should be playing for Mexico, but it turns out that he does not like the national team very much at all, so he's just hanging out like you and I are. I'd like to think Vidal could be a transfer target, but, well, he's probably a little out of Arsenal's price range, holders of the British transfer record or no.

What has SB Nation posted today?

Here they are! In-depth previews! Pitbull!

Mexico vs. Cameroon preview
Spain vs. Netherlands preview
Chile vs. Australia preview
Let's talk about the 2022 World Cup rumor
Re-live the opening ceremonies
Re-live Brazil vs. Croatia

How do I watch these games?

The early and late games are on ESPN2 in the US, while Spain-Netherlands is on ESPN. They're all on ITV in the UK and CBC in Canada.

In the US, all of these games are online at the Watch ESPN and Univision En Vivo services. They're on ITV Player in the UK and CBC Sports in Canada. You can find other listings at LiveSoccerTV.