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Cesc Fabregas joins Chelsea

The former captain joins Arsenal's rivals.

David Ramos

So much for all of that talk about loving Arsenal, and wanting to return. Former captain Cesc Fabregas, who left after a protracted transfer saga in 2011, has joined Chelsea for £30m and a 5-year contract. Arsenal turned down the option of first refusal, allowing Fabregas to join Arsenal's London rivals. Reports indicated that Arsenal did not utilise the first option because Arsenal's priority this summer is a striker, defensive midfielder and a right back.

Having turned down the first option, one would expect Arsenal to make a splash in the transfer window; otherwise, they would've enabled one of the best midfielders in the world to join a title rival while failing to sign players of similar quality.

On that note, I hope I speak for the entire writing staff at the Short Fuse in hoping that Fabregas has an utterly rubbish time at Stamford Bridge, and continually gets trolled by Jose Mourinho.