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Arsenal players react to mean tweets

Podolski, Mertesacker, and Arteta try to prove a few social media doubters wrong

Shaun Botterill

Players receive a lot of tweets daily, some good, some not so good. Aaron Ramsey last year and Mesut Ozil this year can certainly attest to that. Luckily, for the most part, the negative ones are just funny. Per MertesackerLukas Podolski, and Mikel Arteta, thanks to PaddyPower, hilariously attempted to prove a few of the mean tweets wrong.

I'm shocked that Podolski didn't blast a hole in that barn door to be honest. And of all the things in Arteta's game to pick out, they went with penalties? That's probably the second best thing about him, aside from his hair. A distant second.

This just goes to show, though, that if you're going to tweet something insulting at a professional athlete (and...don't), don't make it vile. If you make it funny, you might end up getting called out in a YouTube video. Especially if you can't spell people's names properly.