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What do you want to see on Sunday?

Sunday's game doesn't matter for Arsenal. Should they play the kids?

(insert joke about Arsenal's youth policy here)
(insert joke about Arsenal's youth policy here)
Shaun Botterill

I have always loved the last day of the Premier League/First Division season.  Every game kicks off at the exact same time - of course, this mattered more when the internet and mobile phones weren't nearly as prevalent and media coverage wasn't as saturated.

I used to love seeing the crowd shots on that last day of the season, panning around the ground as panicked fans whose team's fate depended on another team had their heads glued to small radios or had headphones on, desperately trying to hear the news that would mean their team was safe/champions while the other team was relegated/Liverpool.

Now, as a fan, it's super-easy to just look at your favorite score app on your phone and see what's going on - there's still the tension of the result, but there's not the tension of not knowing, or the stress of hearing third-hand a score and time remaining, information that you heard a couple different ways and can't verify is true, from the game of telephone that started three sections over.

Having each game kick off at the same time is also that bit of insurance that there'll be no shenanigans on the pitch - there's no manipulation by teams, no intentional tanking or massaging goal margins, since nothing's decided until everything is.

With all that said, Sunday's final game of the season (I refuse to call it by its marketing name) is truly meaningless for Arsenal.  They're ensconced in fourth, with their only chance of moving up to third being a win margin of more than 18 goals for Arsenal coupled with a scoreless (or scoring) draw from Chelsea/Cardiff Chelsea loss (thanks for the clarifications, everyone).  So, Arsenal really have nothing to play for; Norwich are fighting relegation, so it's not a completely dead rubber, but from an Arsenal point of view, all eyes and minds may be drifting to the 17th.

With that in mind, here's the question: what kind of lineup do you want to see Sunday? Do you want to see a full strength side knowing that there's no real point in the game, do you want to see starters rested in preparation for the Cup final, or would you like to see a mix of both?  Also, do you care about the result, or are your energies all focused on the final?