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Arsène Wenger signs new Arsenal contract

After months of speculation, the manager has signed a new contract.

Clive Mason

After months of speculation, and a couple months of panic where it looked like he might not sign, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has signed a new contract, which will take him until May 2017, which will take his Arsenal tenure to over 20 years.

Wenger said "I want to stay and to continue to develop the team and the club. We are entering a very exciting period. We have a strong squad, financial stability and huge support around the world. We are all determined to bring more success to this club", while the chairman, Sir Chips Keswick and majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke, were understandably delighted.

While we're unsure of everything of what has happened behind in the scenes in the past ten years, we do know that Arsenal has had less money to spend than in the years before the move to the new stadium. With spending restrictions lifted, Wenger deserves the chance to have a crack at the league title and other silverware, and last season, where Arsenal were top of the league for most of the season, and of course ended the nine-year trophy drought. And now, he will get the chance.