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"Is That Not What They Mean By 'Press Pool?'" Podolski Has Fun With German Media, Pool

And this is why Lukas Podolski is so good to have around for morale.

He's coming for ya, Bild reporter!
He's coming for ya, Bild reporter!
Martin Rose

The irrepressible Lukas Podolski is not just a barrel of laughs and an Instagram account full of smiles on his club team -- there's a fun-loving energy that Podolski's bringing to the German national team as it looks to conquer its World Cup Group of Death (which includes Ghana, Portugal, and the United States) in about three weeks' time.

At German National Team media day, the wisdom of holding media day at a hotel pool fell into question when Poldi gave Bild reporter Christian Falk a bear-hug, apparently only as a pretense to loft the respected soccer journalist into the water. After some laughter and merriment, as the Fox Soccer video clip shows, Poldi is posing with someone for a selfie (#aha) within 30 seconds of the incident. Poldi, don't ever change.

The Daily Mail's coverage, because it's the Daily Mail, has a picture of Marco Reus showing off his "fun side" by wearing a pair of plastic Brazil-themed sunglasses, while showing off its "not-so-fun" side by identifying him as "Manchester United target Marco Reus." Only 35 days until the transfer window opens!