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Arsenal Ladies Fall To Manchester City

Unhappy birthday to Danielle Carter!

Arsenal 0 - Manchester City 1 (Duggan 11')

Arsenal Starters: Bryne, Scott, Mitchell, Kinga, Stoney, Ohno, Carter, Smith, Yankey, Williamson, Bailey

Subs Used: Ayisi for Bailey 64'

Unused Subs: Hoogendijk, Chamberlain, Murray, Weir

Just two games into the FA WSL season, Arsenal Ladies sit on the bottom of the table. Apparently a tie and a loss will do that to you. The loss to Man City today also means the Gunners are now on a two game losing streak. Also not a good sign.

While Manchester City had marginally less chances, and there were spells of the game that were dominated by Arsenal, there was not a single goal to be found for the home team. Looks like the issue of finishing is rearing its ugly head once again. Its beginning to look like the wonderful offensive explosion against Chelsea is the exception and not the rule for this team. Which, when you consider how Danielle Carter exploded onto the scene recently and Kelly Smith's return from injury, is a bit disappointing.

Regardless, it's still hard to be really upset with this result. It was a hard fought game and Arsenal never really quit looking to equalize or stopped creating on the field. At the end of the day, the ball bounced in City's favor. There's still a lot of games left for this squad to play. Plus, the fellas winning the FA Cup kind of prevents me from being angry about anything for the rest of the year.

Up next should be a good matchup for Arsenal to get things together. They play Birmingham City this Wednesday, May 21st. If Arsenal wins this game they'll be right on track with everyone else on the table. No harm, no foul. After that it's one more FA WSL game before the FA Cup final against Everton which, let's be honest, is what we really care about.