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Carlos Vela-to-Arsenal Rumors Heating Up

The Mirror and Metro are reporting that Arsenal will politely rap on Real Sociedad's door and say, "We'd like Carlos Vela back now."

Carlos Vela against some dude.
Carlos Vela against some dude.
Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

As we reported last week, there's a buyback clause in Carlos Vela's Real Sociedad that allows Arsenal to buy him back for around £3 million. Now the Metro and Mirror are both reporting that it's a done deal, and the Mexican national (skipping out on this year's World Cup, by the way, due to continued friction with the FMF) will be reportedly returning to the Emirates to either help out in next year's attack, or, if he doesn't work out, to be sold to another team that could use a striker. (Atletico Madrid, I'm looking at you.)

Twitter, as you can imagine, is abuzz with the transfer rumor doings, which includes comparisons to Vela's 13-14 goals and assist numbers with one Gareth Bale. The totals are nearly the same, and yet, as you can surmise, you can buy a lot of Velas for the cost of just one Bale. Here are the "highlights" from the Twitterverse:

Also, to feed the beast that is the transfer rumor story mill, the move to buy back Vela allegedly means that Liverpool (who clearly needs forwards rather than, say, defenders who score less than 4 own goals in a season) now has the inside track on signing Loic Remy, according to Express.