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Could the Gunners be going after another Real Madrid star?

After the purchase of Ozil last summer, Arsenal could be in for another one of Madrid's superstars

Clive Rose

It's no secret that Arsenal players are basically agents when it comes to the transfer window. Back in 2012, Per Mertesacker helped to convince Lukas Podolski to make the switch from Cologne to Arsenal and it seems that the players are at it again.

Santi Cazorla in a recent interview with Sport360 revealed among other things, that he has been trying to get Iker Casillas, the former number 1 keeper for Real Madrid and Spanish NT icon, to join Arsenal. As Santi puts it: "I've told him [I would like him to join Arsenal], but so far he has just been curious about my experience in England," before clarifying His situation is very complicated, but he has to make a decision."

Casillas was injured during the time of Jose Mourinho, which prompted the purchase of Diego Lopez, who managed to keep his place as the number 1 in controversial manner even after Casillas had recovered. With a new manager in Carlo Ancelotti, there was hope for Casillas to be returned to his role as the starting goalkeeper but for the most part, he has become the keeper for cup competitions while Lopez keeps his spot as the league keeper.

Though he is no longer the number one for his club, Casillas is still a world class keeper and has demonstrated it in his cup performances, once going 15 hours without conceding a goal. He was also responsible for ensuring Real Madrid's passage into the semi-finals of the Champion's League after making a string of quality saves against Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Marco Reus and Robert Lewandoski.

There are complications of course as Casillas is a symbol at Real Madrid as Cazorla sums up in his interview: "Lots of clubs want him, including Arsenal, but I think that it would be very difficult to leave Real Madrid because of what the club represents." But with no sign of his starting spot being restored, Arsenal could be in line to snap up the departing goalkeeper.