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Arsene Wenger Obviously Still Loves Cesc Fabregas

Wenger recently penned an article for Eurosport about Fabregas, and it's as loving as you would expect

Jasper Juinen

What is love?

C.S Lewis listed four types of it: storge, which was affection. Philia for friendship, eros for romance and the one that our dear manager, Arsene Wenger has for his former Captain --Cesc Fabregas, agape love.

Agape love is defined as unconditional love, the greatest and rarest of the different types of loves. When Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal a few summers ago under dubious circumstances, many fans who loved him before turned on it. He bought out his own contract and refused to play, this created a rift between him and the fans who once sung "WE'VE GOT CESC FABREGAS!" at the top of their lungs.

Wenger however, is not one of those people. The manager wrote an article for Eurosport recently on why Cesc is such a special player and why he had to let him go, and well, I've never seen such sweeter love letters.  Here's a few quotes from the endearing feature:

First of all, Cesc Fabregas is a huge personality. Secondly, he is an extremely intelligent player. And I'd also say that he is a sweet person, but, on the field, he sees everything before anyone.

And that's just the first paragraph!

The manager would go on to laud the player even more, saying such things as "One day, you will ask Messi which player is the most likely to give him a decisive pass. He'll answer Fabregas." and "We had a respectful relationship. And, for me, admiration too."

He also talked of why he had to let the player leave for Barcelona, stating that he fought for Cesc to stay but knew that the player had to go eventually. Cesc had always wanted to play for Barcelona, he was raised there, schooled there and his grandfather worked for the team. It was only a matter of time.

There is of course one heartbreaking quote from Wenger, when talking about how sad Fabregas was to leave, he states "Fabregas said he was very sad when he left Arsenal, and he is not the only one!" Damn you allergy season!