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Arsene Wenger to decide his own future

Given what's known about the club and respect towards the long-standing manager, this comes as little shock

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Alex Livesey

Arsene Wenger, regardless of how badly the season finishes out for Arsenal, will be given the choice to stay on or leave, and the club will not sack him in any situation, reports Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph.  While earlier this season Ivan Gazidis felt very comfortable in Wenger's intentions to sign on past this season, going so far as to announce such an outcome at the launch of the club's new kit deal with Puma, Wilson reports there are now doubts with the coaching staff and other members within Arsenal on whether Wenger will actually put pen to paper.

Of course, a lot has changed since late January when Gazidis made his proclamation.  Arsenal's formed has dramatically dipped since their outstanding start to the season, resulting in a string of vicious clubbings that makes hunters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence recoil in horror, and fan revolt towards Wenger has taken on levels previously unseen.  However, as indicated in the article, in a survey conducted by Black Scarf Movement (the first and last time I ever mention this group on these pages again, by the way), showed that 68% of their polled sample would support Wenger's extension if he were to deliver the FA Cup trophy and a 4th place finish.

How the finish to the season and the overall toxic environment surrounding the club at the moment plays into Wenger's ultimate decision on whether to sign is unknown.  What is known is that the club still holds the utmost confidence that the man to continue the good fight against the rest of the world is the one still sitting on the bench.