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Wednesday Champions League semi-finals open thread

I'm going out on a limb here and declaring we won't see a repeat of yesterday's scoreline today

Clive Rose

We had a pretty good conversation yesterday as everyone watched and/or followed online the Champions League semi-final match that we're going to duplicate it again today.  Again, I'll be following it online through the lovely comments section below, so drop your funniest gif's and wittiest comments to keep me entertained.

Right.  Today's semi-final features Chelsea and their brilliant, socially-awkward manager Jose Mourinho taking on Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid at Stamford Bridge.

(Sidenote: Diego Simeone, and his Lazio teammates back then, absolutely owned in the FIFA video games from around 2000 through 2003, or so.  I believe those FIFA iterations were the best EA's ever made, and they provided me with tons of valuable time wasted on the controllers.  Anyway....)

I've made my feelings known about Mourinho many times in the past, and because I dislike him so much I'm sure karma's going to reward me with Chelsea advancing to the Champions League final, where they will bore the eyeballs out of the world audience tuned in to watch what is supposed to be an exciting finish to the season.  I'm not one who's dying to see a Madrid derby just because it'd be a Madrid derby.  I want to see Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid face off in the final because that means Jose Mourinho won't ruin my soccer-viewing experience.  Which club do you want to see advance and why?

Usual blog rules apply here when commenting in open threads, so that means to please refrain from posting illegal links to the match, and definitely do not display any form homophobic, racist, sexist, xenophobic and any other anti-social behavior, or comments, in the section below.

Enjoy the match, everyone.