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Arsenal To Open Soccer Schools In Northeast

Teaching American kids how to play The Arsenal Way.

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DISCLAIMER: did not go to Arsenal Soccer School
DISCLAIMER: did not go to Arsenal Soccer School
Mike Hewitt

Soccer teams aren't just teams any more - they're not just a group of dudes you watch kicking a ball around on TV. They're brands now - they want to insinuate themselves into your life in ways unheard of 25 years ago.  In your kitchen, in your other leisure activities, and yes, even in your bedroom, your favorite team wants you to "live the brand" and never be without some form of team gear either on your body or in your home at all times.

Another form of this branding push is something that Arsenal, Manchester United, and a few other big clubs have done for a while - soccer schools for kids of all ages.  What better way to inculcate a young person into the world of (insert club name here) than having them train with (insert club semi-legend and official coaching staff name here)?  Arsenal were trailblazers of this effort, establishing their UK schools in 1985, and having expanded to the UAE a few years back.  Manchester United also have soccer schools, primarily in England of course but also throughout Asia and the Nordic countries.

Now, Arsenal has expanded their schools again, this time closer to home (for some of us).  They announced today that they're opening schools in the northeastern corner of the US - NY, Boston, New Jersey, and Connecticut will all be home to new branches of Arsenal Soccer Schools.  They aren't cheap - $700 for a four-day day camp, and $1300 for the sleepaway camp - but if you've got a kid, a lot of disposable income, and a desire to have your kid learn soccer The Arsenal Way (tm), this might be a good option.

If nothing else, you can learn what the acronym "Arsenal" stands for, right?