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Aaron Ramsey could be in team against Everton

He probably won't start, but AARON'S BACK Y'ALL

Stu Forster

Aaron Ramsey got hurt the day after Christmas, and he was only supposed to be out for a couple of weeks. It's April, and he hasn't played since. In the months since he got hurt Arsenal have basically fallen out of the title race. It's sucked. But now, we finally have some good news. The prodigal son returns.

Accordingto Arsene Wenger, Ramsey is "back in the squad," along with Nacho Monreal, and "hopefully they will be available for Sunday." After months on the sidelines I would doubt Ramsey will start or even play really significant minutes (I could be wrong, but it seems really unlikely) but this is a huge step for a team that still has an outside shot at a title, and a very real chance to win the FA Cup. Aaron's return will be sorely welcome to a midfield that has been decimated by injuries and suspensions. The drive and energy of the midfielder will be a valuable asset as the team pushes to finish the season well.

Other injury news is less encouraging, but still not bad. Laurent Koscielny is not yet fit, but could be back next week and "the latest is the week after," according to Wenger. Mesut Ozil will not be back for the FA Cup semifinal against Wigan on April 12, but "after that." Jack Wilshere will still be out for a while but is "progressing well."

And I shit you not, Abou Diaby is "back on the pitches." WILD CARD.

To celebrate, enjoy this Ramsey video as a reminder of how awesome he was earlier this season:

Zito assisted on this post, contributing (among other things) the awesome video.