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Theo Walcott speaks about his ACL injury rehabilitation

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Out since early January, the pacey winger notes that, while his rehab in on schedule, he's not expecting a quicker-than-normal return

Why, yes, the post's subject gives me another chance to publish this photo
Why, yes, the post's subject gives me another chance to publish this photo
Clive Rose

In the club's official match program yesterday, Theo Walcott spoke to fans about the rehabilitation of his torn ACL, suffered in Arsenal's 2-0 victory over Tottenham in early January, how it is progressing as scheduled, and the goal of his recovery is centered not around "quickness", but "safety":

I want to be back quickly, of course -- but safely, too. I want to try and be back for the early part of next season. That is the goal, so there will be a lot of hard work throughout the summer and during the World Cup.

It has nearly been four months now, and my recovery has been on track so far. At the moment I'm working on muscle strength and building muscle in my quad.

While missing the early part of next season doesn't seem like it'll be a fun thing to work through when patching together the squad composition, I think we all agree that we'd rather see Walcott recover correctly than quickly.

Rushing a player of his value back to the squad from such a severe injury could have long-term consequences.  Seasons and careers are long and drawn out, and getting Theo back at his most optimal form should be everyone's first priority.