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PFA Team of the Year Conspicuously Missing One Top Four Team

The PFA Top XI honors have been announced, and Arsenal players didn't figure into the equation at all.

Both these guys are better than Cahill, amirite?
Both these guys are better than Cahill, amirite?
Ian Walton

Is Petr Cech really the best goalie in the Prem? Could you name four better defenders than Gary Cahill off the top of your head? Do you think that perhaps one Arsenal player deserves a nod as one of the best 11 players this year, despite all the injuries their top players have suffered? Well, then, you're going to be mightily disappointed in this year's PFA Team of the Year, announced today along with the PFA Player of the Year (not shockingly, Liverpool forward Luis Suarez) and Young Player of the Year (Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, beating out a field of nominees which did include Aaron Ramsey).

Here's the best at their respective positions this year, as the PFA saw it.

G: Petr Cech, Chelsea

D: Seamus Coleman, Everton; Vincent Kompany, Manchester City, Gary Cahill, Chelsea; Luke Shaw, Southampton

M: Adam Lallana, Southampton; Steven Gerrard, Liverpool; Yaya Toure, Manchester City, Eden Hazard, Chelsea

F: Suarez and Sturridge, Attorneys at Law, Liverpool

Do you feel differently? Feel free to let us know in the comments.