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Arsenal Ladies New And Old Honored By PFA

The PFA Awards are back and better than before.

If you're asking why the PFA Awards are better than before, because really how much weight does an award not named the Ballon d'Or hold, its simply because women's soccer has advanced and grown just a bit more in the national recognition department.  That is always a good thing.

After adding the PFA award for Women's Player Of The Year just last year, which was won by none other than Kim Little, the PFA went even harder in the paint this award season by adding Women's Young Player Of The Year and FA WSL Team Of the Year. Sorry FA WPL, no awards for you just yet.

The awards were dominated by Liverpool Ladies this year, which is probably fair considering the season they had last year.  The first ever Women's Young Player Of The Year award went to Martha Harris, with Lucy Bronze taking home Women's Player Of The Year.  Both players deserved these awards, and that's really I all have to say about that.

Moving on to what really matters to the good people of The Short Fuse, the FA WSL Team Of The Year. Three current, and one former, Arsenal Ladies made the cut and were honored on the first ever team of the year.  Good ole Dan Dan Carter and, perhaps the glue that holds everything together, Jordan Nobbs were honored for their performances last season. Gemma Davison was also on the squad, but doesn't that really count as another award for Liverpool?

On a happier note, Sio Chamberlain also made the Team Of The Year.  While that was for her performance with her former team Bristol Academy, but she's ours now.  I think we all know who the real winner is here.