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Weekend Games Open Thread

it's like a bar where you can hang out and talk, except we don't serve drinks and the bathrooms don't reek.

I'm just gonna close my eyes for a minute I didn't sleep well last night
I'm just gonna close my eyes for a minute I didn't sleep well last night
Scott Heavey

Arsenal don't play until Monday, which gives everyone two whole days to fret over Newcastle.  In the meantime, though, there are other games!

I'm only going to list Premier League games, because if I listed every game you might be watching the list would be crazy long, but feel free to talk about whatever game you're watching.  All times ET; you're welcome, time hegemonists.


Southampton vs Everton, 7:45am, NBCSN
Fulham vs Hull, 10am, NBCSN
Stoke vs Tottenham, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Swansea vs Aston Villa, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Brom vs West Ham, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Manchester United vs Norwich, 12:30pm, NBC

While Arsenal fans will most likely be keeping an eye on Southampton/Everton (Southampton can't really be expected to do much, can they?  Maybe?), the game that will garner the most interest from neutrals on Saturday is no doubt Swansea/Villa.  No, wait, that can't be right.  Oh wait! Here it is - mid-table Manchester United take on Norwich, with 639-year-old Ryan Giggs at the helm.

Also, it appears Stoke are playing a charity match against a work-release XI as they try to get their lives back on track after being incarcerated, which is a nice thing to do in this cynical day and age.


Sunderland vs Cardiff, 7am, NBCSN
Liverpool vs Chelsea, 9:05am, NBCSN
Crystal Palace vs Manchester City, 11:10am, NBCSN

All eyes on Merseyside today, as a point from this game will likely be enough to hand Liverpool the title.