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Arsene Wenger says he will stay at Arsenal

This isn't really surprising, but it is comforting.

Stu Forster

There's been a lot of uncertainty about Arsene Wenger's (and really, Arsenal's) future over the past few months. For a long time it's been assumed that he would sign a new contract after his current one runs out at season's end. Ivan Gazidis has been saying for a while that he'd stay, and recently it came out that his future would be his own to decide. But the man himself had been worryingly vague about the whole matter, and with an unsigned contract and poor form late in the season, some of us were becoming concerned he might sail off into retirement after this season. Well, I was, at least.

Looks like we won't have to worry about it.

I know throughout the Arsenal fanbase (less so here than other places, but who knows) this won't be news that's greeted with unequivocal glee. But I feel strongly that, while things aren't perfect around here, they'd be a hell of a lot worse without Wenger in charge than they would be with him. This is one reasonThis is another.

Hopefully Wenger will finish out this season lifting a trophy, then sign that contract, and start out the next lifting another. That would be pretty swell.