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Ozil wants to thank you for supporting him

After a return from injury, Mesut Ozil took to Facebook to express his gratitude

Michael Regan

After playing his part in the 3-0 victory against Hull City, Ozil posted a sweet message for the fans on his facebook account. The message reads:

"Dear fans,

I'm still happy about the fact that I was able to play last sunday for Arsenal

and we even won 3:0, I think that we are on the way up after a rather

difficult time...

there are only two goals for the rest of the season: to be among the first

four of the Premier League and to win my first title this year in the UK - the

F.A. CUP! all we need is 4 x 90 minutes of full concentration and then it's

all in our hands.

I can't wait to play for the first time in Wembley as a Gunner after missing

the semi final due to my injury.

herewith I want to thank all who supported me during the last weeks -

especially you! I constantly followed your comments on Facebook. I was

really happy about all the get well soon wishes during these difficult


Your Mesut"

Your Mesut

Allergy season is so tough on my eyes