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Forever-injured Arsenal midfielder making his return today

Abou Diaby, hero to all those who perpetually stub their toes, is currently making his return to action in today's U21 match

Julian Finney

It's finally happening.  The man, the legend, the guy we all should look up to for never giving up, the first name on the French National Team's roster (when healthy), the player known as Abou Diaby made his comeback from a torn ACL official today by starting in Arsenal's U21 match today versus Chelsea;

It really doesn't bother me how well he plays.  For all I care, he could spend his entire time on the pitch chasing butterflies and reppin' the Wu.  The fact that he's come back - yet again - from his latest serious injury to put on the iconic Arsenal red-and-white home shirt is victory enough for me, and it should be for the rest of us who love to cheer for the underdog, the guy with the odds always stacked against him.

As of posting, it appears the match score is still scoreless, but that matters little.  Abou Diaby is back and playing.  This makes me happy, and I hope you're just as happy at reading those five words.

Abou Diaby is back and playing, everyone.