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Monday, April 21: Open Football Thread

There's a Premier League game today, and two CL semis in the next couple days. Here's a place to talk about those, and other soccer-related stuff.

Scott Heavey

It's a light week for Arsenal, but a pretty big week around the game in general.  Today, there's Manchester City v. West Brom.  Tomorrow, Atletico v. Chelsea, and Wednesday, Real v. Bayern.

We haven't done an open thread like this in a while, and it seems like as good a time as any, so here you go!  Let's talk about non-Arsenal soccer.  Or Arsenal soccer, whichever - this is just a new container which can be filled with your particular pearls of wisdom about the games on right now or Monday's Arsenal/Newcastle game, or whatever soccer-related thing is on your mind.

I'm writing more words here to get to 150 words.  This is not a tactic TSF encourages when you're writing a FanPost, but there's not much more I need to say than "here's an open thread, go talk about the games now", so here we are. Five more words and oh look there's 150.