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Roy Keane edges closer to irrelevancy with FA Cup comments

The former player and manager weighed in on Arsenal's post-match celebrations as only Roy Keane could do

All alone, by himself
All alone, by himself
Matthew Lewis

Roy Keane, former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland midfielder, and former failed manager at Sunderland and Ipswich Town, did a bit of punditry over the weekend for ITV at the FA Cup semifinal match featuring Wigan Athletic and our dear Arsenal FC.

After Arsenal celebrated the victory on penalties, as most teams seem to do when securing passage to a cup competition's final, Keane took one look at the joy on display by the Arsenal players and decided that it was a problem that needed addressing:

Keane felt the fist-pumping Gunners went a step too far during their champagne moment. "These Arsenal players need a reality check.

"Last season they celebrated finishing fourth and now they celebrate beating a Championship side on penalties – we are talking about Arsenal FC here.

"We have been critical that they have not been able to win ugly games and they have done that today.

"But to say they showed character? I have seen them enough times this year to say they have not done enough of that.

"They’ve beaten a Championship side in the semi-final on penalties. "I think they need to relax a little bit and celebrate if they win the final."

Leave it to Roy Keane to open up his mouth, yet again, and display his proclivity to utter complete and total nonsense. His entire career has been punctuated by him lighting fire on past professional relationships thanks to his abrasive, puzzling commentary on all matters involving the sport and the respective clubs he's played and managed for, so it really shouldn't shock many that he decided to speak on behalf of his ideals versus the reality of the situation at hand. The reality being, of course, that a team advanced to the FA Cup finals on a nervy set of penalties - opponent be damned.

All the gruff and smoke that's emminated from Keane's mouth over the past twenty-some years, the one indisputable nugget of truth he's offered up was, when famously walking his dog Triggs after furiously quitting the Ireland squad right before the start of the World Cup in 2002, telling the press following the two of them "Unlike humans, dogs don't talk shit."

Hey, Roy. Best if you heed your own words there, pal. Let Arsenal celebrate how they see fit, and I suppose if you're not going to change who you are, go ahead and continue to say the sort of things that's edging you closer out of the sport you once played and horribly managed.