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Injury Report: A Dead Leg, Some Muscle Tightness, and Other Knocks

On the eve of Arsenal's match with West Ham, the effects of going deep into the FA Cup reverberate on the Premier League schedule.

"Maybe I'll sit this one out, fellas."
"Maybe I'll sit this one out, fellas."
Michael Regan

Yes, alarmingly, there's another match coming on the heels of the emotional rollercoaster that was Saturday's FA Cup semi-finals, as the Premier League Race for Fourth Place grinds on. When last we left Premier League action, Aaron Ramsey was back in the lineup, Laurent Koscielny was out of the lineup, and Arsenal was losing a key match to the team most likely to vault them for Champions League play.

The Bad News Bus that is the weekly Arsenal injury report chugs on with the following confirmations and maybes from manager Arsene Wenger:

Due to the dead leg injury that took Nacho Monreal out of Saturday's match, Wenger is calling him one of the "main uncertainties" heading into tomorrow's match, and given that Kieran Gibbs looked fit in his sub appearance, it's likely that Monreal will either sit on the bench or will be held out of the 18 altogether. (Memo to Hector Bellerin: Get a good night's rest just in case.)

reportedly-unhappy Lukas Podolski, who was subbed off in Saturday's match for Olivier Giroud, still has "a little muscle problem" but will probably be able to go. Which would be good, because Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have "muscle tightness" and are both questionable for tomorrow's match.

There are some encouraging reports, though -- Koscielny and Tomas Rosicky are both nearing match fitness, though Wenger's hinting that he wants to be cautious with both of them, and Jack Wilshere is entering the next stage of his recovery, which involves jogging and a ramping up of activity over the next three weeks.

Mesut Özil's name was conspicuously absent here, and of course, Mathieu Flamini's still out with yellow fever.