Arsenal to Announce Josip Drmic Shortly

Well, that escalated quickly. Just yesterday, we had Jospi Drmic himself saying that he wasn't headed to Arsenal. However, since then, news has broken out from various different publications that Arsenal has already agreed with Nūrnberg on a transfer fee for the Swiss striker.

The Metro originally reported that Drmic and his girlfriend were already preparing for a move to London, with the later already looking for a new place to stay. While the house-hunting significant other would ultimately be proven to be imaginary, it seems that the Metro did not make up the whole story. Sky Sports, the Mirror, and the Daily Mail all have joined the Metro in claiming Arsenal have signed a pre-emptive deal with the German club, similar to how Arsenal acquired Lukas Podolski from Koln a few seasons ago. If you remember, Podolski, the star striker for the relegation-bound German side, signed with Arsenal before the transfer season opened. It is thought that something similar is happening here, with Nurnberg concerned with getting the best price that they can, while Arsenal act before the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United can bribe claim the player for their own. The English newspapers above are each listing a price somewhere between £5 -8 million, following a medical. Bild have not reported a figure, though they both have made similar claims to the other media outlets that the move is being backed by German national team legend, Lothar Matthäus. The BBC, while not totally confirming the deal, have reported on interest for the young striker from the North London club.

Arsenal have also announced a Press Conference for later in the week, on April 6th, seemingly substantiating the sudden news. With Bendtner almost definitely leaving at the end of this season, and with Sanogo still a raw prospect, Wenger will have very few options up top. The addition of Drmic should bring some flexibility to the squad, both providing an able body to take the field for years to come, and a different tactical option in the event that Giroud struggles in a match.

So everyone, it's now Post- April 1st. Yes, this was an April Fool's article. No, there is no press conference. Nobody is reporting that we have signed Drmic already. All of the links are to jokes. April 6th is a Sunday. Happy post-April Fool's Day.