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Arsenal vs. Everton: FA Cup Quarterfinal Preview

Everton come a-callin'.

He looks curious
He looks curious
Michael Regan

Arsenal vs. Everton
The (magic of the) FA Cup, Quarterfinal round
Saturday, March 8th, 4.45AM PT/7.45AM ET/12.45 PM BT
League form: Doesn't matter, it's a Cup game
If I Were To Want To Watch This On TV, I'd Tune In To:  Fox Sports One

Eight teams left.  One of them is Arsenal.  This is what we all wanted - for Arsenal to go far in at least one Cup competition, be it League, FA, or European.  Playing at home, even as crocked as Arsenal are right now, is about all Arsenal can ask for; the FA Cup is a great chance to put aside recent league struggles and focus on moving on in a competition that is as winnable for Arsenal as it has been in several years now.

As Phil said earlier, Kos is a definite maybe for this game, and Arsenal are of course without Wilshere, Ramsey, and the rest of the Busted Up Brigade.  Hopefully this all means Ox gets a start; he's been solid in his last few appearances and I'm not sure why he's not playing more.

Everton are at more or less full strength; Phil Jagielka's out and Tim Howard probably gets the day off, but otherwise no major changes from their last game, a 1-0 win over West Ham.

Don't believe the hype.  If Arsenal fail to win, it won't destroy their season.  It will, however, destroy my Saturday, so Arsenal, please win.  Thanks.