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Injury Report: Everybody Hurts Edition

On the eve of Arsenal's FA Cup battle with Everton, we learn when Wilshere might return, which center back might not be available to stop Lukaku, and when to expect the much-heralded unveiling of Kim Kallström.

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This was a bad choice.
This was a bad choice.
Richard Heathcote

If you believe the English soccer media (and who doesn't!), the Telegraph and the Mirror are reporting that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is upset with Liverpool's Daniel Agger for the tackle that took out Jack Wilshere in Wednesday's (imagine Dr. Evil air quotes here) "friendly" between Denmark and England. In fact, the Mirror's John Cross reports that Wenger is all-caps FUMING about the tackle and Wilshere's subsequent hairline fracture in his left foot.

And here's why: According to Wenger at today's pre-match press conference, he revealed that Wilshere's likely out of commission for eight weeks -- six weeks to heal the fracture, plus another two weeks to return to full fitness. While it looks like Wilshere will return for the very end of the season, there are questions about whether he'll be included in England's World Cup squad, which means more headlines and speculation swirling around a player who's most recently starred in CigaretteAtTheClubGate and MiddleFingerGate.

Other injury news of note: Due to a hamstring issue that surfaced during his international call-up with Les Blues this week, essential center back Laurent Koscielny might not be available for what would likely be an epic battle with totally frightening Everton forward Romelu Lukaku. Wenger noted, "His scan is clear but we will have to test him today," which is Wengerese for "please oh please God let him be able to play."

Aaron Ramsey and Kim Kallström (picked up as Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere insurance, hilariously enough) are about a week away from action -- Wenger hinted that it would be on or after the match with Spurs on the 16th, which means a deeper squad against Chelsea on the 22nd, starting a run of three games that pretty much will answer the first-or-fourth question for everyone. Let's hope that Ramsey picks up where he left off way too long ago, and that Kallström can put some of those recently-flexed beach soccer skills to use.