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Drmic to Media: I'm Not Going to Arsenal Yet (But I'd Like To)

The Swiss striker also reveals that his girlfriend isn't currently apartment hunting in London, because he doesn't even have a girlfriend. If you can't trust dodgy transfer rumors, what can you trust?

Drmic, with a forward's challenge on Monsieur Ribery.
Drmic, with a forward's challenge on Monsieur Ribery.
Christof Koepsel

This weekend, the air became electric with the latest transfer rumor involving an Arsenal-bound striker -- namely, FC Nürnberg's Josip Drmic. Rumors were fueled by several soccer writers with Twitter accounts who claimed that Drmic's girlfriend was apartment hunting in London, and the bargain price of £7-8 million for the best thing relegation-bound Nürnberg has going for it. Metro quoted our pal Jan Aage Fjortoft of January's Draxler: Signing Herr Draxler saga doing his Twitter thing, the Daily Mail got its exclusive voice on, and some fans wandered over to YouTube to find a goal highlight video soundtracked by a terrible pop song, which all goal highlight videos now must do.

But today, the Metro's saying that it might not be entirely true! The quote from Drmic, appearing in several other even more sketchy sites, was kind of sad, really:

"At the moment, I’m single. There is no one house-hunting in London."

And, yet, Drmic also gave the ambiguous, hope-inflating follow-up quote -- the variety of which the transfer rumor industry is built upon:

"What will happen in the future, I don’t know. Any boy dreams about playing for Arsenal."

Expect Drmic to be one of many striker names bandied about as speculation on Arsenal's 2014-15 campaign and Olivier Giroud's future both heat up.