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Charlie Adam Charged With Playing For Stoke

In what might be called "retrospective justice", Adam is being charged with attempted Stokery.

My nearly broke it just then
My nearly broke it just then
Laurence Griffiths

We all know what it's like to play Stoke.  It's like being beaten up by a guy who is swinging a sack full of rocks at you.  Fortunately, the FA is aware of Stoke's reputation too, and even though it astoundingly went unpunished during the match, Charlie Adam is being charged with attempted douchebaggery, or whatever the FA calls "tried to Shawcross a dude while he was down".

Oh wait no, it's not "attempted douchebaggery", it's violent conduct, according to the FA.  I learned from that link that for the FA to charge someone retrospectively, the unseen foul has to rise to the level of a "sending off offense".  Having not broken Giroud's leg is no reason that the foul should go uncalled; as much as I and we criticize the referees and the FA for being idiotic, I will give the FA credit for, even belatedly, getting this one right.