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Arsenal transfer rumors: City in for Sagna, Inter out of the running

The in-demand right back interests Manchester City, while he rebuffs overtures from Internazionale.

Paul Gilham

The Guardian today reports that out-of-contract Arsenal right back Bacary Sagna has drawn an offer from one of the richest clubs on the planet, Manchester City. In the meantime, Inter Milan, who'd also extended an offer for him, are out of the running, Sagna himself turning them down, as ESPN reports, with the defender opting to remain in the Premier League.

Sagna, who's one of the best right backs in the league, if not the world, interests just about every club and understandably so. Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur (no chance, sorry), PSG, Monaco, and Inter Milan all expressed interest, but now that City have come in for the right back with giant Glad Bags full of cash, it seems as though the writing might be on the wall as far as Arsenal hanging onto the man Arsene Wenger signed from Auxerre in 2007.

City currently have Pablo Zabaleta, the consensus best right-back in the league, and Micah Richards, but the latter is probably on his way out. Sagna would represent an upgrade over Richards and a capable right back in competition with Zabaleta, and his ability to play center half in an emergency only increases his value. There is a chance that Arsenal could still get him to sign on again, but we all know too well the lethality of the combination of City's financial resources and their league position when it comes to luring Arsenal players away.

There's no getting around it, sadly--this news bites, and hard.