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Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal: Shambolic, again


Another game away from home against one of the other sides in the top 4, and another shambolic performance. The manner of the goals is almost not important; you can guess how and what they were like, because it was exactly the same thing as the Manchester City and Liverpool away games, which they've lost 17-4 on aggregate. Arsenal conceded possession cheaply, the full backs were pushed far too forward, and with an attack-minded midfield alongside Mikel Arteta, there was far too much space at the back.

If it happens twice in a season, it might be a special occurrence, with extenuating circumstances. But to happen three times is unacceptable, and while there is plenty of blame, most of it must be laid at the feet of the manager and coaching staff. To go for it, against a team who counters so well and with so many players unavailable is irresponsible and reeks of not having learned the consequences of having been so comprehensively thrashed by Liverpool. The set-up of the team, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a player who is loose in possession, in central midfield, against a Chelsea team that is excellent at winning the ball back and pouncing on mistakes, is just mind-boggling.

Tactical naivety in a big game, not learning from mistakes and a bottle job from the team. These are the hallmarks of the last 5 or 6 seasons, and are the major reasons why Arsenal are likely going to finish 4th, again, this season.

Happy 1000th, Arsene.

Oh, and the referee sent off Kieran Gibbs for intentional hand-ball. Except it was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who committed the foul. Nice bit of 'cism, ref.