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Bendtner caught with his pants down again

Nicky B is not a fan of pants it seems

Scott Heavey

Taking time off from dressing like a Noir Film detective, Nicklas Bendtner managed to get himself into quite a situation on Tuesday night. While the rest of the squad recovered mentally and physically from being knocked out of the Champions League after drawing 1-1 against Bayern Munich (3-1 aggregate), Nicky B was gyrating on the side of a cab with his pants unbuttoned in Copenhagen.

The report claims that Bendtner's party damaged property in the cab while the cab driver tried to put one of the party member's bike on a bike stand and also took one of his CD pouches. When the driver asked for the pouch back, Bendtner allegedly said that he would "smash" the cab driver --thank goodness he didn't-- before calling him a "fat, little pig".

What happened next becomes pretty bizarre. When the driver warns that he would call the police on the party, they exited the cab and well...

"I locked the doors and windows, but Bendtner was out by the side window and began to unbutton his pants. He also took out his belt and began to whip the car while he rubbed his abdomen against the window and yelled that he will f*** me."

It's not the first time that Bendtner had been caught with his pants down, after being photographed in his underwear in May 2009 and September 2009, stumbling out of a nightclub and following after a car accident respectively.

It must be stated that Bendtner had been on his best behavior before this incident and was not in the 18-man squad for the Champions League match.