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Ozil has "significant hamstring strain," will miss FA Cup semifinal

He's going to miss several weeks.

four weeks of this, smh
four weeks of this, smh
Michael Regan

Continuing the endless train of talk about Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil, here and elsewhere, we have some concrete news from the BBC's David Ornstein on the injury he suffered against Bayern Munich on Tuesday.

Hopefully that means he'll actually "only" miss those four weeks and be back for the last few matches of the season. But considering Aaron Ramsey was supposed to miss about three weeks and had been out since Christmas, who the hell knows at this point?

Ozil himself (or maybe his social media manager? I have no idea) spoke on his Facebook page about it, saying that he was injured early in proceedings and tried to play through it, I guess because he's lazy and disinterested or something. Arseblog has a picture from about two minutes in where it looks like he's hopping as if he's pulled something, so there you go. Personally I wish athletes would sometimes make less of an effort to tough injuries out so they don't miss games against Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea and Manchester City, but I suppose I can't really fault a guy for trying to compete. I'll leave that to John Cross and Neil Ashton.