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The Day After The Morning Before

Put down the razor blades, the bleach, and any other weapons of self-harm.

Best part of yesterday was the shirts
Best part of yesterday was the shirts
Michael Regan

August 16, 2013: The Premier League season starts tomorrow!  Yay!  Finally something to watch!  Arsenal might be good!


August 24, 2013: Arsenal beat Fulham 3-1, and will not lose a game again until November 10th, at Manchester United.  In that stretch, they only drop two points, at West Brom, and win eight of nine games.

November 23, 2013:  Arsenal rebound from the Manchester United loss by starting a five game unbeaten streak,  with the only dropped points coming in a drawagainst Everton.

December 14, 2013: Arsenal go up to the Etihad and are run off the park, and lose 6-3.

December 23, 2013: Chelsea come to the Emirates and take two points in a scoreless draw.  Those are the last points Arsenal will drop until January 28th, in a draw at Southampton, and overall Arsenal win six of their next eight matches, until...

February 8, 2014: Arsenal go up to Anfield and realize they haven't been handed their ass in a while.  It is handed to them in the first 20 minutes.

Do you notice a pattern here?  It's never pleasant to lose a game, and it's even worse to lose a game in super-horrible, ugly, didn't-even-look-like-they-were-trying fashion.  But!  This is a team that is far, far better than they showed yesterday, and at every stage this season when they've been beaten, they have responded strongly.  Arsenal are capable of much, much more than they showed yesterday, and I for one fully believe they'll start another streak on Wednesday; they're too good to play like yesterday twice in a row.  You can bet that to a man, the team is pissed, and will want to make things right.

Yesterday wasn't a harbinger of doom, yesterday wasn't the first Jenga piece to fall in a slow-motion horror show.  Yesterday was a bad loss.  You know what else yesterday is?  Over.

You can bet Arsenal have moved on and are focusing all their energies on fixing what went wrong; you should also move on - pack this game in a box marked "never to be seen again", and get ready for Wednesday.