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Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal: instant reaction

Great merciful crap

Michael Regan

Okay, so that was pretty awful. Liverpool came out with guns blazing, and Arsenal really didn't show up at all. I think I'm still a bit shell-shocked from it all because all the goals are pretty much bleeding together. And this certainly wasn't the way I think any of us wanted to start out the Two Months Of Doom or whatever it's called. At least we got a goal, I guess.

I won't really blame anyone for being pretty upset about that one. But while the result was far from ideal, it doesn't end the season or anything like that. Getting no points definitely makes things harder than getting three, but it doesn't make winning the league impossible. Try to remember that.

I know people are going to be pissed for today and probably for the next few days, but remain civil to one another. Try to understand that the person next to you, whether you think s/he is too mad or not mad enough, does in fact care about the team and wants to win things. Don't turn this into LeGrove for a week.

So. Who wants a drink?