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Let the Gauntlet Begin! Your Guide to the Next Two Months of Arsenal Watching

Top of the table, in the Champions League Round of 16, and a win away from the FA Cup quarterfinals -- it's a good year to be an Arsenal fan so far. The next two months could take it from good to great.

The rematch against Liverpool on Saturday: It's just the beginning
The rematch against Liverpool on Saturday: It's just the beginning
Laurence Griffiths

This Saturday's match with Liverpool is a clash of top-four teams -- a testament to the incredible run of form both teams have had all season -- but, for Arsenal, it's the first test in a two-month gauntlet that will determine their fortunes in the FA Cup and Champions League, and that could very well position them to win the Premier League for the first time in nearly a decade.

Here's a list of the matches over the next 60 day span, with some staggering context -- in this span, Arsenal plays matches against each of the six other top-seven Premier League teams (that's six out of the nine PL matches between now and April 5), helps make the case for seeding the later rounds of the FA Cup (as this round will knock out two of the league's current Top Four teams), and squares off against the defending Champions League champions (and goes against one of the remaining Elite Eight teams should they advance). Check it out:

Feb. 8, at Liverpool

Feb. 12, hosting Man United

Feb. 16, hosting Liverpool (FA Cup)

Feb. 19, hosting Bayern Munich (Champions League)

Feb. 22, hosting Sunderland

Mar. 1, at Stoke

Mar. 8, hosting Swansea (will be postponed if Arsenal and/or Swansea advance to FA Cup quarterfinals)

Mar. 11, at Bayern Munich (Champions League)

Mar. 16, at Spurs

Mar. 22, at Chelsea

Mar. 29, hosting Man City

Apr. 1/2, Champions League Quarterfinal (TBD)

Apr. 5, at Everton

Apr. 8/9, Champions League Quarterfinal (TBD)

From there, the league matches are against teams that are currently out of Champions or Europa League spots -- matches hosting West Ham, at Hull, hosting Newcastle (who, at 8th place, is no slouch), hosting West Brom, and at Norwich round out the schedule.

As wise man Terrell Owens once said, "Getcha popcorn ready."