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Monday Non-Arsenal Match Thread: Chelsea vs. Manchester City

There's a game today that has some bearing on Arsenal's title chances, so here's a thread for it!

He's got the crazy eyes
He's got the crazy eyes
Jamie McDonald

Manchester City v. Chelsea
Barclays Premier League
Monday, 3 February 2014 noon PT/3PM ET/8PM BT
Etihad FFP Loophole Stadium, Manchester

This will be an interesting match, to be sure. If you believe a certain portion of the Arsenal fan base, no title contending team will drop any points for the rest of the season, which makes this game one that may go down in history, if it ends in a draw, as the first drawn match to gives each team three points. But, here in the real world, we know that's not possible, right?

We know it's entirely possible that the Manchester City juggernaut will run up against the stout defense of Chelsea - c'mon, you don't think Chelsea's going to go on the road and attack, do you? Really? - and founder, just as easily as they could score 8 goals. We know Chelsea could, in fact, attack (I KNOW, BUT STILL!), and score three goals, hanging the not-quite-as-good-as-their-point-total-indicates City defense out to dry.

Personally? I think this game has draw written all over it, and that suits me just fine.