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Laurent Koscielny Gives Back, Loves Accordions

Say what you will about accordions, this is good.

<3 you, Laurent
<3 you, Laurent
Michael Regan

According to an article in The Guardian today, Arsenal defender and Tulle, France native Laurent Koscielny is part of a group that is investing 600,000 Euros into the Maugein Frères accordion factory in his hometown.

As if it were possible for me to love him more than I already do, he goes and does a thing like this, you guys.

Speaking as a musician and an ardent defender of the much-maligned-in-America, Urkel-approved accordion, investing in a local industry that crafts incredibly intricate, beautiful instruments like this warms pretty much every cockle of my heart. I don't personally have anything against mass-produced, cheaper instruments for people to play, as I am much more invested in the idea of people making music than I am in the idea of everyone having sweet gear, but I also feel it is super important to keep the hand-crafted tradition alive and well.

These people are artists.

So, M. Koscielny, my sincere thanks to you for not only investing in your hometown, but doing it in a cool industry that defines a big chunk of what France is.

Here's a little sample of what he's fighting to save: