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Goals of the Season: Rosicky vs. Wilshere

Last weekend, Tomas Rosicky scored a great goal. But was it the Greatest?

Jamie McDonald

Last weekend, Arsenal (well, really it was Tomas Rosicky, but about half the team played a part) scored an awesome goal against Sunderland. Let's go to the tape.


You remember it now? Pretty awesome. In the heat of the moment a bunch of people called it the Goal Of The Season. After realizing that the last pass was actually a pass (I had to rewind it to make sure), I was ready to get on board.

But I rewatched the other main contender a little later, and ever since, I have been pondering this, the greatest issue of our time. That other contender, of course, was Arsenal's goal against Norwich City, with Jack Wilshere as the team's avatar. Here's that:


Man, I don't know. There's a case to be made for either one. I love the exchange of passes leading to the chance in the Norwich goal, but Rosicky's finish is a slightly higher level of difficulty.

So I thought I'd crowdsource it. What do you guys think? Which goal was better? And if you have other suggestions, share them in the comments.