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Rosicky Reportedly Re-Signing; Sagna Reportedly Holding Out

Various news agencies of various reliability are reporting that one 30+ midfielder will return to the fold, and one 30+ defender wants a raise in order to stay.

He may never have a goal this pretty again, but he'll have more time to try.
He may never have a goal this pretty again, but he'll have more time to try.
Jamie McDonald

For fans of Tomas Rosicky, it was a good weekend -- his sublime goal against Sunderland in a 4-1 victory on Saturday was followed by gushing praise from Arsene Wenger and a report in the Guardian that the midfielder's contract will be renewed beyond its June expiration date.

Wenger was quite effusive in his post-match press conference about Rosicky's contributions to the team, noting:

"He is a great accelerator of the game. He always makes things happen, not with individual dribbling but with individual acceleration and his passing. I think when he arrived here he was less of a tactical player and more the 'Mozart' from Prague - he was purely a creative, offensive player. Today he is a real organiser on the pitch, I like to have him in the team because he gives a real structure to our team."

However, first-choice right-back (and sometimes center-back and now even left-back) Bacary Sagna might be asking for too much money to be retained. According to an "exclusive" in the Daily Star, Sagna's asking for weekly wages of £100,000 a week, allegedly £40,000 a week more than Arsenal's current offer. This contradicts a report from ESPN last week that Arsenal would offer Sagna his wished-for wage on a three-year deal. Wenger, in a recent press conference, merely noted that contract negotiations with Sagna are ongoing.

Speaking of Wenger and contract negotiations, the Guardian speculated that his new deal might be announced around Wenger's 1,000th Arsenal match -- a possibly-significant match at Stamford Bridge against title-rivals Chelsea on March 22.