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Arsenal vs. Sunderland: match discussion, lineups, TV

Rise and grind.

Jamie McDonald

Arsenal vs. Sunderland
Sunday, February 22, 2014 AD | 10 am Eastern, 3 pm London
Emirates Stadium, London, England, Earth
TV: the USA Network, which is quite strange, let me tell you

Ahoy! Good morning, or afternoon, or evening, depending on where you're reading this from. It is time for The Arsenal once again. This opponent should be slightly less taxing than the last, but still a challenge as all opponents, from the strongest to the weakest, can be.

If you choose to participate: do not be evil, as racism, sexism and the like are strictly forbidden. Be kind to one another wherever possible. Don't ask for or post links to illegal streams of the game.

Here are the lineups. Let's win.