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It Was Only a Matter of Time: A Van Persie to Arsenal Rumor

Remember that "unbelievable news for Arsenal fans" earlier this week from Tancredi Palmeri? Apparently, it involves some striker that we used to know.

This'll make for a fun few months of transfer rumors.
This'll make for a fun few months of transfer rumors.
Alex Livesey

On Monday, we reported that maverick Italian soccer journalist Tancredi Palmeri had AN UNBELIEVABLE NEWS FOR ARSENAL FANS:

Now, we know what the UNBELIEVABLE NEWS is, and it might just be the worst sort of trolling to today's Arsenal fan:

Then, as he does, he got into at least one Twitter fight:

Metro has now run with the report that Van Persie is frustrated with David Moyes' managing (no way!) and wants to return to the team he left two years ago because "a little boy inside him" told him to win a trophy in Sir Alex Ferguson's (SURPRISE!) last year. Other British news sources (MirrorBBC) are dutifully reporting the rumor in the designated probably-not-true sections of their websites.

Metro's also reporting that Fiorentina winger/striker Juan Cuadrado is Arsenal's number one target this summer, though that's probably not picking up the page views that the other Metro story's racking up.