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Arsene Wenger responds to Jose Mourinho

The Arsenal manager responded to the Chelsea manager in the only way the streets know how to do so

Mike Hewitt

52fe6b4405663_medium Welcome back to "Sway in the Morning."  We got a surprise guest in the studio, and he's come in with a few things to get off his chest, right?

50a12a43ee0ad_medium Yes, I have little bit stuff to get off chest.

52fe6b4405663_medium OK, OK, OK, my man!  What we do is test guests, because, see, not a lot of managers come in to my studio, you know?  We normally get rappers, artists, lyricists.  Not...sports managers.

50a12a43ee0ad_medium I have not seen it, but if I did see it then I would know.

52fe6b4405663_medium OK, well, Tech, let's test this cat, let's cut it straight to what's illing you this morning.  Tech, spin something for this OG.

52fe6b4405663_medium A first on "Sway in the Morning" and probably a first anywhere else, Arsene Wenger, here's your mic and give the world a piece of your mind!

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♫ ♪ I’m Swaying in the wind, yo, thanks for the set off
Coming through the airwaves and your speakers is the Prof
Don’t step to my game, fame whore, Mr. Chosen
I creep up from the shadows and leave your heart and brain frozen
Not worried to admit that when I fail, that I fail
But good luck keeping up when your owner’s facing jail ♫ ♪

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♪♫ Yeah it’s inevitable; you know it’s bound to happen
When you talk a bunch of ish and make me take up rappin’
This is the first time on the mic, and I’ll get a thousand likes
On my Facebook, you crook, it’s funny you mistook
The A-to-the-R-to-the-S, yes I’m fresh
The E-to-the-N-to-the-E, yes it’s me ♪♫

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♫ ♪ The Invincible One; you’re just predictable and dumb 
I rule London; you’re renting in my Kingdom 
I rip every fool that runs or tries to step in 
Reppin’ N5 with my automatic weapon 
Jose found his nuts and wants a stand and surge 
Remind me, what’d Roman say after Rosenborg? ♫ ♪

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♫ ♪ "You’re fired?" "Please leave?" "Get the hell up outta here?"
"Stop wasting my money and don’t drink another beer?"
"I won’t fly you to my yacht, and no I will not"
Oslo, and also, my flow’s tight, you slow-mo
That’s one thing about me you should know, you Jo-Jo
Oh, they’re not in Oslo? ♪ ♫

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♪ ♫ HA! My map game is so-so 
Much like your love game got shaped by a pro-pro
Happy Valentine's Day, your lady wanted me to say 
As she’s sits on my lap as I destroy you today
It’s OK, you know, 'cause, Ladies Love Cool A
A message to John Cross, let me clear my throat and say... ♫ ♪

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♫ ♪  "I’M DA BEST MAAAYYNNEEE, I DEED IT……..........!"
If it’s good enough for Eli then I’ll happily spit it
But no I won’t bring Rosie into our little battle
Cause she’s better looking than this thing I call cattle
Yeah, you know it; I called your Miss a cow
Owww! Just burned ya both but she’s laughing still, somehow ♫ ♪

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♫ ♪ Not intelligent, this one’s dumber than a light switch 
Resembles every time when you step out on the green pitch 
You’re irrelevant, highly unintelligent, boy
You’re a joke, provoked, you got my verbal steroid 
Chest pumped, you’re bold, it’s all just a sideshow 
If you step up to the mic I’ll cut your ear, Vincent van Gogh ♫ ♪

50a12a43ee0ad_medium ♪ ♫ Don’t you know, I’m the two-by-fo’ heading for your big toe  
This radio show now illuminates an afterglow 
From me, by me, it’s red and white every day 
From the cobbled streets of London to the San Francisco Bay 
Back to the Grove, this is Arsene saying peace 
Screw a press release, I gotta give the streets my own set piece ♫ ♪