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Injury Report: Flamini Is Back, But Cazorla Needs Some Chicken Soup

Good news and bad news for the Arsenal squad set to face Liverpool this weekend: Mr. Red Card is back, but Santi's sick.

Christopher Lee

In last week's 5-1 Premier League loss to Liverpool, Arsenal probably could have used Mathieu Flamini on the field to help slow down the Reds' attack. Happily for the squad, Flamini is done with his red card ban, and will be available on Sunday for the rematch -- an FA Cup 5th Round game at the Emirates.

Though there are no injuries from this past Wednesday's match, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger reported at today's press conference that Santi Cazorla is ill today and may not be available for Sunday -- which could mean a start for Serge Gnabry, Tomas Rosicky, and/or Lukas Podolski on the wings. Flamini's possible inclusion into the starting XI could also free Jack Wilshere or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to take a more attacking position -- both Wilshere and Ox have been used as double-pivot partners with Mikel Arteta in recent weeks.

Wenger did hint, however, that he also might hold players in reserve for the upcoming Champions League match against Bayern Munich next Wednesday:

"I will play a team [against Liverpool] with a good opportunity, a good chance to qualify. Will I rest one player, or two or three, I don’t know yet. Certainly we will have just have one focus, which is to win the game.

We have rotated quite well, if you look at the number of players we have used. I have the same level of confidence in every player.

For example, I rate Jenkinson but Sagna has a bit more experience so when we go in a game with more pressure I give the advantage sometimes to the experienced [player].

But I have the same level of confidence in every player in my squad. I have a short squad but a very level squad."