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Arsenal Ladies 2014 FAWSL Schedule Set

We now have a look at who the Ladies shall be taking on in 2014 FAWSL play.

Dear friends we are almost two months out from Arsenal Ladies first game of the FAWSL season, which is fabulous. How do we know this? Well the FAWSL 2014 schedule has been released from its dark cave, or wherever they were keeping it. Let's dive in.

4/16/14 Notts County Ladies FC Away
5/18/14 Manchester City Women FC Home
5/21/14 Birmingham City Ladies Home
5/25/14 Bristol Academy Women Home
6/28/14 Liverpool Ladies Away
7/16/14 Chelsea Ladies FC Away
7/20/14 Everton Ladies FC Away
7/27/14 Notts County Ladies FC Home
8/10/14 Birmingham City Ladies Away
8/24/14 Manchester City Ladies Away
9/04/14 Chelsea Ladies FC Home
9/20/14 Bristol Academy Women Away
10/05/14 Liverpool Ladies Home
10/12/14 Everton Ladies FC Home

Lots of intriguing storylines all around this coming season, including every game in which Arsenal plays a FAWSL team with players that left the club this offseason. That won't be hard to watch at all. First up for the Gunners title run, I'm remaining optimistic people, they'll take on Notts County Ladies FC, a team that's recently had a bit of drama in acquiring Canadian international Desiree Scott from the NWSL. Once all the fun starts this season we'll have previews and recaps of the games, so be sure to look forward to that.

Let's remember that Arsenal will have to take care of Birmingham City in March in the UWCL before they meet up in the FAWSL. Also worth mentioning is that Arsenal Ladies' Instagram has been on point as of late. You should give them a follow at arsenalladies. I assure you that you will gain only happiness from this.

Hopefully the season ends with Arsenal lifting the trophy pictured above, but if not one thing is for certain: we are going to have fun gosh darnit. What game are you looking forward to? Sound off in the comments.